Friday, May 17, 2013

What I'm Running Right Now

Hey there, readers!

So, if you read my last post, you would know that I have a bad case of Perma-GM syndrome with all of the real-life groups I've created in the past five years or so. It's not a huge problem, as long as I have some sort of outlet for my playing desires every couple of months or so.

Besides, I'm a much better GM than I am a player! At least, I think so.

Unfortunately, due to my current life situation, I'm not running much, but that is due to change! In this post, I will be explaining what I'm running currently, and what the immediate plans are for the summer. Expect play reports in the future from these things!

What I'm Running Now:

Teen Titans Modern

I have a confession.


There are a lot of things about the DC Universe that I think are stupid.

There are also a lot of things I like, but the stuff that irks me almost spoils the bunch. Almost.

Therefore, I've taken it as a personal project to reinvent the DC Universe to a point where it is tolerable to me. Throughout this process, I've changed the origins of many heroes, entire histories, swapped around powers, sources, toyed with iconic images and made them unique. It's one of my many pet projects, and one I'm rather proud of.

I call it DC Modern.

In order to explore one aspect that was mostly left underdeveloped, I decided to run a game in this universe centered around teenage heroes using Marvel Heroic. I gave my players the choice to create unique characters or adapt existing Titans to fit in the universe. Here's a short roster:

Blue Beetle II: The youngest team member. His father was the original Blue Beetle, and when he was killed by Deathstroke, the scarab armor bonded to young Ray Kord, transforming the awkward teen into a still awkward superhero.

(A professional artist's rendition of the player as the hero)

Dullahan: A mysterious teenager with a past he cannot even recall. James Ulysses (naming himself after the author of his favorite book) has a head composed of ethereal thought tentacles that can move things about, read minds and the histories of objects, and do some things we're not even sure of.

(The player is a very talented artist!)

Johnny Thunder: A deadbeat teenage runaway with the power of sound projection! While his abilities seem to be a mutation or the result of some sort of accident gone wrong, they are actually magical in nature. He also has an amazing vehicle, "The Fuckin' Car"

Schrodinger: Juan Cervantes was born with an unusual quirk. He is, constantly, everywhere in the universe at once, and with an expression of will, he can move his 'physical body' anywhere, or expose more of his physical bodies at any given time. From birth, he was trained to be an assassin by Lady Shiva, and has only recently left her care.

So, I'll likely be putting up 'Episode Summaries' since I run this game in a TV Show like fashion that I will elaborate on later, but that is the basic premise. A grittier, more urban Teen Titans set in my own DC Universe.

What I'll Be Running Soon:

The Barrier Gem Prophecy: Civil War

This will be a sequel to a fantasy campaign I ran for my college group a little more than a year ago. I won't go into too much detail here since there's still a lot of variables with this one, but the main premise will be an 'Early Fantasy Civil War Arms Race.' Doesn't that sound fun?

Edge of the Empire: Escape from Mos Shuttaa

My first group that I created in freshman year of High School is getting together again for a few months this summer, and since we've all been playing Star Wars rpgs for forever, we're going to give this one a try! I'm really digging this system so far, and I'm hoping that I don't muck up this cute little module too much when I run it next week.

Something Else?

A big part of me wants to return the favor to all of the wonderful people over Google+ (Who are likely my only audience at the moment! <3) who ran games for me in the past half a year or so. So far, since most of them have been using Marvel Heroic, my inkling is some sort of game using that.

An experiment I've wanted to do for a long time was to create a revamped version of the Marvel Universe, much like I did with DC, but in a different fashion. Basically, I would run an Origins game for a certain aspect of the Marvel Universe, like.. Fantastic Four Origins, or X-Men First Class, or something to that effect. Instead of me asking my players to build things up from something I've already established, the players would craft the universe with their characters, backstories, and what happens. It'd be, like, a mutual universe creating thing-a-mabob meets the Ultimate Marvel basic idea of retooling stuff.

If that sounds cool, let me know!

Anyway, that's what I'm running now and what I'm running in the future. Hope you enjoyed it! If not, here's a funny picture.


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  1. Sounds great, Wes. Looking forward to hearing more about how your Teen Titans game goes. If you have room in Google+ MHR game, let me know. I'd love to play.