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Marvel Mondays - X-Men - Session 5 Report

Hey, readers!

So, with this session, we finally finish off the Breeder Bombs module which is, admittedly, pretty lousy when it comes to the actual plot. We had fun with it, however!

For those of you just tuning in, the basic plot here is that Magneto has been setting up these nuclear devices called Breeder Bombs that flood the atmosphere with radiation in order to create more mutants, and our team of X-Men are travelling to shut them down due to the danger they present to mankind. However, it turns out Magneto isn't really behind it, since he's working to stop these bombs as well.


Well, the answer is... Probably not what you expected.

Let's dive in.

Session Summary:

Our intrepid team of X-Men consisting of Beast (Feline version), Mr. Immortal (On leave from the Great Lakes Avengers), and Rogue (With Ms. Marvel's powers, played by me), ride the Blackbird to Chile, to the Andes where the last Breeder Bomb is located. Apparently, it's holed up in some sort of ancient temple made by some great civilization of the past. It seems quiet... Too quiet!

Our team enters the hallway, which is sloping downwards and slowly expanding outwards the further along we go. Out of the shadows emerges a trio of flesh robot things! One is modeled after a circus performer of some sort and is incredibly strong. Another has an optical blast very similar to Cyclops'. The last one is super fast!

Beast targets the super-fast one and does his best to wrangle him down, with little success at first. Mr. Immortal, being the suicidal one of the bunch, decides to take on the strong man with a dizzying array of feats that are surprisingly effective, including wall-running in order to poke him in the eye and a good old fashioned sucker-punch. Rogue pairs off against the optic blast guy, hoping to use her energy absorbing powers from Ms. Marvel to give herself an edge, but she isn't doing so hot. Beast finally manages to catch the super-fast robot off guard and smashes his head apart. Using a trick used against her in a previous battle, Rogue decides to pick up the dead super-fast robot and smash her opponent with it, ending the fight.

Feeling a little cocky, Rogue and Beast throw the remains of their opponents into the entrance of the main chamber. Turns out that was a terrible idea, because, in the room with the Breeder Bomb is none other than... Magneto!... And... Magneto...? Apparently, we have finally met robo Magneto who has somehow captured regular Magneto and has him bound to the wall.

Beast asks the astute question, "How did a bunch of robots capture the Master of Magnetism?"

And, somewhere, the author of this module cries in shame from his obvious plot-hole.

(Nope. He's happy.)

Turns out robo-Magneto is not alone, for he is joined by a half-finished collection of his Brotherhood of Mutants, consisting of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Blob. Proclaiming that they are doing the will of the Sentinal God, they attack the bewildered X-Men. Beast immediately begins to scramble to the real Magneto in an attempt to rouse him, but robo-Magno manages to stop him in his tracks. Quicksilver does his best to deliver a punch to everyone, and manages to do so! Rogue is also trying to make her way to Magneto for completely irresponsible reasons, but robo-magno is intent on not letting his captive free.

Blows are traded across the board, and dice are rolled poorly on both sides! Mr. Immortal met his untimely demise when he attempted to bull-rush Scarlet Witch into the Breeder Bomb, but ended up tripping and impaling himself on a spike. Beast tries to wrangle robo-Magneto, giving Rogue a window of opportunity to reach the real deal, which she does! He then tosses robo-Magneto into a computer panel, which temporarily dazes all of the robots. Odd...

Robo-Magneto and his cronies gather around the Breeder Bomb as the pretend Master of Magnetism tries to boost up its power. By this point, Rogue has announced to Beast that, should this plan of hers go horribly wrong, that he has every right to take her down. Summoning her courage, Rogue absorbs Magneto's powers and memories and proclaims to the pretender that he will pay for impersonating the Master of Magnetism!

In a moment of awesomeness, Rogue uses her new powers to lift robo-Magneto from the ground, and impales him with a variety of sharp objects from around the room, which ultimately resulted in shutting down all of the other robots. Magneto's personality passes from her, and she and Beast work together to shut down the final Breeder Bomb, ending the crisis. With many questions, the pair pick up the remains of Mr. Immortal and head off to the Blackbird, having saved the world from... Radiation, and stuff.

My Reactions:

This was my favorite session of our X-Men game yet, for one very important reason. I finally got to do what Rogue does best, which is absorb powers with all of the consequences! Mechanically, I got to try out her power-set with awesome results, and it was just a cool conclusion.

My own personal bias aside, this group continues to do a good job. My fellow players are great, and our GM has one quality that I really admire. He knows how to straddle the line between challenge and good story-telling when it comes to coordinating his action scenes. Sure, his knowledge of the system isn't great, and there were a lot of things mechanically that he could have adjusted to make the ending scene run better (Such as creating a timer when robo-Magneto surged up the Breeder Bomb), but he knows when to go hard and when to ease off for the sake of spotlight and awesomeness. This is a trait I'm hoping to incorporate into my own GM style in the future.

Not too much to say besides that, really. I'm looking forward to how this group will proceed, especially now that we are off the rails of a pretty old and poorly constructed module. That said, I hope you enjoyed this session summary! If not, here's a funny picture.



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