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Marvel Mondays - Civil War - Session 4 Report

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Terribly sorry for the lack of activity here on 'Perceive Things.' We all get busy at times, and I have been involved in other things, like, lots of role-playing. So, I have a huge backlog of summaries to do, including a Civil War session that happened almost two weeks ago!

As always with this campaign, if you'd rather experience the magic yourself, the Youtube link has been provided.

We were missing quite a few people this session, but those involved were the following: Daredevil and Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, Ms. Marvel and Tigra, Hawkeye and Moon Knight, and myself as Wolverine and Spider-Woman.

Here we go!

Session Summary:

Where we left off last session, the team had just defeated a sinister villain in Washington DC and were just in time to be there for the Congressional hearing regarding the Superhuman Registration Act that was starting to tumble its way through the Senate. Being the world's premier super-team, Tony thought it was a good idea to present a unified opinion with the team and present their case for an internal affairs reworking rather than outright registration.

Of course, this sort of thing is always made more interesting by a surprise witness. Enter Doctor Doom, who wants to discredit our heroes with a neat little powerpoint/video depicting the lot of us slaying Latverian forces by the score during the Secret War. Why the government thought it was a good idea to let a known international terrorist who had just come back from Hell and was only recently trying to get a sword of the Apocalypse is beyond me, but I wouldn't put it past 'em.

So, our team begins to retort, showing some impressive shows of logic and reason that seem to baffle Doom and the congressional board. Tony Stark's hacking of Doom's presentation and a printer to pass out some crucial evidence along with a masterful explanation of law by one Daredevil (who has no association to Matt Murdock) had both us players and the characters in the game baffled beyond belief. If you watch nothing else of that video, go to 25:48 and watch the magic happen.

With all of that good and done with, we manage to score a friend in Congress that can help us out in the future, and we managed to out filibuster all kinds of government officials in the name of democracy! I would call that a pretty solid win for the side of justice. And stuff. Not really, but...


Apparently, after the whole Moon Knight fiasco last session, Luke Cage got slapped with assisting or murdering a guy somewhere. I mean, one could say racial profiling, especially when you had someone like Wolverine on the scene who was slicing and dicing like usual, but... We're going to go with the fact that Cage has a criminal record. So, like good friends/Avengers, we're called to testify for his character and give our account of the scene at the hearing before he gets slapped with anything official.

Now testify!...

Another surprise witness joins the scene as Moon Knight is brought in to give his account on the events. His player rolled a die to decide which personality was dominant in Mark Spector's head, and Konshu was the result. Awkward. Wolverine was stopped for quite a while at the metal detector. Funny since that was brought up in the movie that just came out, but... Yeah. More awkward!

Ready for the most awkward?

After getting a torrent of bad mouthing from the prosecution, Moon Knight is elected to speak first, since he's the surprise witness and all. He gets out of his chains, without anyone reacting or anything, and begins a piece on how Luke Cage could not have murdered anyone because he and the rest of the Avengers are a completely incompetent bunch who cannot serve the larger goals of justice. Once his piece was done, the Moon Copter shot a line through the window and he escaped from imprisonment.


Before we had a chance to pick up our jaws from the floor, the press stormed in to tear us a new one. Hulk took some emotional stress and managed to Hulk out, showing an incredibly docile and photogenic Hulk who wanted to talk to the press. Everyone else tried their best to get away. Tony bought out a bunch of news companies and went around firing people. Ms. Marvel made a handy excuse and hit the road. Wolverine got pissy, destroyed some equipment, and went to sulk with a lovely d6 of emotional trauma.

Hulk walked home alone.

Before things were wrapped up, we got a nice little bit of narration as the classic "Stamford Incident" occurred. For those of you not in the know, basically a bunch of pretty amateur superheroes, the latest iteration of the 'New Warriors' were filming an episode for a reality show, pissed off some villains, and a particularly explosive crook named Nitro blew up and killed a whole bunch of people, including a group of children.

This is where things take a distinct turn for the worse, for the those of you playing at home.

My Reaction:

This was, by far, the best session yet. Everything worked out really well, we each had a nice moment to shine, and things progressed at a logical pace. There were some really good jokes, shows of character, and all that sort of stuff. It really made us eager to jump into the next session, which is coming up rather soon.

Unfortunately, this sort of showcases a point that I have brought up time and time again that smaller groups work better with this game. While each and every member of our group is awesome, less does turn out to be more in terms of flow and proper spotlighting. That being said, I am really looking forward to the other two members of our group returning this coming session to bring their own unique flavor and ingenuity to our game.

I don't have too much more to say besides that point, and there really wasn't anything negative on my end whatsoever. Next game, our character troupe's are opening up to another slot, so we'll start seeing some new characters thrown into the mix as we clean up after Stamford and try to track down Moon Knight.

That's my summary and reaction! Hope you enjoyed it. If not, here's a funny picture.


(Wolverine journal coming up super-soon!)

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