Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wolverine's Post M-Day Journal - Entry 2

((What was Wolverine doing during the last session of Civil War? Let's find out!))

Entry 2:

Had to head back to Oklahoma. Seems that guard detail was still needed around there after the Doom incident. Don't blame the egg-heads for gettin' a little jumpy, especially with that sword of death just standin' around, waitin' for some bastard worth his shit to pull it out of the ground.

Personally, I leave the thinkin' for the brainiacs unless I'm put in some kind of leadership position, and who would be so empty-headed as to allow that? Knowin' SHIELD, they rounded up the usual subjects. Stretch. Stark. Strange. Not to mention McCoy, the better of the two genius Hanks that I know. So, after all of that business was taken care of, I went back to the mansion with 'im.

Y'see, Hank and I have an understandin'. Both of us walk on the wild side, whether or not McCoy likes to admit it half the time. Even if we don't see eye to eye on almost everythin', there's that mutual respect factor goin' that transcends any science bullshit you can spout out. It's somethin' you feel deep down in your gut.

'Course, as soon as I step through the doors, Slim pulls me aside for a chat with his half-naked resident psychic followin' behind. Wonder how he'd feel if I told him that Tony Stark claimed that territory before? Cyke had better get himself checked. Anyhow, Scott expressed his opinion on my charming reaction to the press. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy about it, for the same reason I was bustin' my own chops. He wasn't wrong.

But what he needs to understand is that I don't need the lecture. Does he think I don't care about the consequences of what I do? All the people I've killed, families I've ruined... Does he not think that I haven't heard it already, from myself? I've had a lot of shit to sift through ever since M-Day, and it ain't pretty, bub. The last thing I need is some Chuck Xavier hatin', Sentinel allowin', skinny neck of a coward tellin' me I ain't doin' my part to help mutant kind. And I let him know.

My Avengers comm was goin' off, but I ignored it. We've got enough people on our roster, and plenty of adversarial types besides. World ain't gonna end while I spend a few days at the Mansion, runnin' the Danger Room 'til it ain't fun anymore or catchin' up with Half-Pint. Kept my ear to the ground and eye on the news to keep up with the whacky adventures of the World's Mightiest Heroes, and it doesn't look like I missed much. Still, the chance to knock around some Hydra heads would have been satisfyin'. Not very often I get to slice into some crazed techno-nazi cultists, despite what you may think.

Still ain't sure why the team was tryin' to stop Hammerhead from getting a bullet between the eyes. From what I've heard of 'im, he ain't too reputable a guy. Sometimes its best to let these things go and stop tryin' to play hero at the drop of a hat, especially when gangsters are involved. If it wasn't for the life-model decoy bomb shit that threatened the lives of everyone there, that sorta thing don't sound much like Avengers work. Like I said before, the Avengers have changed.

Had lunch with Half-Pint, and now I'm lookin' to make my ride back to the Tower. I don't like sittin' in one place too long. Makes me feel sluggish. Besides, if what I've been hearin' is right, the team's gonna be arguin' some sort of registration act in front of Congress.

Bein' the only mutant on the team, someone's gotta stick up for us, not that this sort of thing hasn't shown up before. We beat it then, we'll beat it now.

Radio has on George Thorogood. Gonna be a good ride.


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