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Marvel Heroic X-Men - Session 3 Report

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So, first I've got a spot of good news that is almost too good to be a coincidence. Originally, I had a fear that my X-Men and Civil War games were going to collide, considering they were both held on Mondays in the exact same time-slot. However, by stroke of luck or God, it seems that they were both scheduled on alternating weeks allowing me to have a Marvel session every single Monday for the foreseeable summer.

Ain't that just great?

So, I may just call these session reports 'Marvel Mondays' because alliteration is awesome. (See what I did there?) Though, that really doesn't matter in light of the topic.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Session Summary:

We started out this session almost exactly where we left the last one. Beast was tinkering with the severed robot heads. Mr. Immortal was hanging out in the infirmary. Rogue was in the library trying to clear her head.  With Mentallo somewhat conscious, the Professor was able to glean some important information. It seems that he was hired by Magneto to run a machine through telepathy (the weird device he was strapped to) to jump-start these other machines called 'Breeder Bombs' that are supposed to flood the world with radiation over time so that more mutants would be born.

(Yeah. This was the best quality of this scene on Youtube, and I'm a Brony. Deal with it.)

As luck would have it, the video feed had the four locations of the Breeder Bombs on file, and Beast was able to figure out the location of the one in North America. If you haven't gotten a 'Masks of Nyarlathotep' vibe from this yet, then you obviously haven't played enough Cthulhu. We saddle up on the Blackbird (Which I called the Quinjet. Thanks, Jared) and start heading off for the wonderful state of Colorado.

So far in my Marvel Mondays adventures, I've been getting a good taste of the US. Oklahoma has fallen Asgard stuff, and Colorado has giant super-weapons guarded by insane hillbilly miners.

(I get to use this picture again. Yay!)

Rogue (Played by me) and Mr. Immortal get out of the jet and investigate where Beast's geiger counter contraption says the device is. They run into a hillbilly with a shotgun, and Rogue totally relates and stuff. Using a little white lie, they say that they're interested in purchasing the thing he is protecting and they go inside a bunker-looking building to get a look at the machine. One particularly amusing line from this exchange was the following uttered by Mr. Immortal.

"You should touch him and knock it out. Sure, you'll think you're a strange hill-billy for a while and love guns, but what else is new?"

Instead of infecting her mind, she leads him outside to negotiate prices while Mr. Immortal and Beast try to figure out how to shut the machine down. Then, Sentinels attack. It just wouldn't be a proper X-Men game without these guys, now, would it?

This was a great fight, and while I won't exactly give the blow-by-blow, I'll point out some great moments. Mr. Immortal caused the Sentinel to smash the machine and over-charge it. Beast yanked a tree out of the ground and hit a Sentinel with it. Rogue ripped the blaster cannon off of a sentinel, got crushed by his hand, then brushed off the damage and flipped the guy over. Mr. Immortal looted the hillbilly's stash of weapons and tried to shoot the robot with a 9mm. Finally, Beast got into the X-Jet and effectively finished both of the injured Sentinels off while spouting off this gem.

"Sir, I usually think it crass to give one the bird, but in this case, I am more than willing."

The military was on its way after this whole debacle from the nearby military base, so the team got out of there as quickly as possible. Professor Xavier sent them a message via telepathy that he had the next location ready to send to them, and the group had an in-depth discussion on why Magneto would be using Sentinels. Beast hypothesized that the Magneto in the footage may be a robot also!

 Apparently, the next bomb is in Russia somewhere in a former Soviet state. Back in the USSR, anyone? No? Just me?

So, just as we get there, zap! Something shuts down our engines and we fall to the ground and crash. We're all fine, 'cause, y'know. Superheroes. Come to find out that Titanium Man and his minions are on the warpath!...

And that's where we ended, since someone had to leave.

My Reactions:

Gotta say, I enjoyed this session much more than the last two I have been in with this group. I'm kind of the new guy in this group, considering these guys play in an Annihilation game every other Wednesday that I'm not currently involved with, but I finally feel like I've acclimated myself in. The guys were in great form tonight, all in-character, doing cool and creative stuff, and our GM was a bit more focused and ready than he was the previous two times.

What was really great to find out is that, now that I'm aware of the 'Weird Thing' that I described in my last X-Men session summary, I'm much better able to deal with it. Of course, it's also a big part of knowing the people and being able to read when they're IC or OOC, but I'm getting much better at doing that. With that said, we actually got into some good role-play this session! Instead of one-lined quips in a row, we actually carried on conversations and started exploring some light character stuff dealing with the situation. This is more what I'm talkin' about, and I hope that this trend will only continue.

The Sentinel fight was the main feature of the session, and after playing with large groups the last few times out, it was really refreshing to go back to the small-group setting. The fight was really a lot of fun, especially seeing what Mr. Immortal was going to do to make a difference, considering he is the quirky one when it comes to powers. Unfortunately, it seems this campaign is mostly centered around fighting robots, so I don't get to use Rogue's 'cool' powers as much, but I gotta say, Ms. Marvel's power-set is incredibly satisfying. Between Energy Absorption and her version of Second Wind, you can get the d12 strength quite a bit and shrug off stress like it was nothing. I love it.

Besides a few hiccups on the GM's side involving things beyond his or our control, there really wasn't anything too wrong with this session. I had a great time, and despite the rail-roadiness of the module in question, I'm looking forward to the game in two weeks.

Hope you enjoyed the post! If not, here's a funny picture.


(A little dark humor never hurt anyone.)

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