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Kitty Pryde's Diary - Civil War - Entry #1

(Hey, all! Since Kitty is taking a pretty active role in the recent events in the Civil War game I'm currently in, I've decided to switch over to her point of view for the time being. If next session plays out as planned, Wolverine will have plenty to cuss about in the weeks to come, but for now, let's take a peek into the life of one of my favorite mutants during this time. -Wes)

Dear Diary,

Weirdest thing! I was cleaning out my closet (which is a total wreck!) and I found you snuggled between a manual for the Danger Room and that one goofy picture of Piotr and I making macho poses by the pool. Come to find out there's a whole bunch of old pictures of us, and him, tucked into that little secret pocket in the front cover. Between those covers were the adventures of a girl that was in way, way over her head, but somehow lived to tell the tale.

Okay, when things phase through you, survival isn't a huge issue, but still!

I was about to throw you back in the box and go show Piotr (who came back from the dead!) the goofy picture when it came to me! Is there any reason I couldn't keep the log going? I mean, sure, I could just type it up nowadays in seconds, but that isn't personal or visceral. When you have a pen in your hand, you gotta think about the words as you create them, and commit yourself to them! If I was just typing this down in an ultra secret location so deeply encrypted onto my laptop that Tony would have to spend a week just to crack the first sentence, I could delete a word without even thinking about it, and it would be gone! Forever! Bam! See?

So, hope you're ready for a mouthful, because things have been really, really crazy around here.

I guess I'll start with the biggest thing. I'm part of an endangered species now. Wanda kind of lost it, altered reality to create a universe where Magneto ruled the world, and then turned everything back to normal, except for the fact that now almost every mutant lost their powers. I still have mine, but some really important guys like the Professor lost theirs! Am I lucky? I guess so. I mean, the ability to phase through stuff is as much a part of me as being Jewish or being a brunette (and staying that way!).

Since we're endangered, the government thought it'd be an awesome idea to make everyone that's left stay at the mansion guarded by Sentinels. Smart, right? I mean, yeah, the Sentinels have pilots in them now, but it's really a genius idea. Wouldn't create a powder keg situation at all! We wouldn't be pulling our hair out 'cause we can't see the latest M. Night Schamlan (or however you spell his last name...) flop at the theater, or slum around the mall with emo haircuts, blasting our punk music. Scott and his witch of a girlfriend are doing their best to keep things under control, but that didn't last long. I'll get to that.

Anyway, I had a genius idea! Well, being a genius, these things happen, but it's not like I'm bragging or anything. Charles isn't really around to guide us, but you know what I think? Isolating ourselves from humanity is the worst thing we could do to promote the unification of our races. We need to be out there, in public, doing good things like a normal person would! Instead of just saying the world when Magneto decides to turn tyrant, we could be helping everyday, spearheading medical research, or fixing broken bridges, or discovering alternative fuel sources. Our great abilities give us more than a weapon to fight evil with, but it's also a tool that can be used to build goodwill. We should be more like tools!

Okay, that came out really, really bad. No wonder everyone thinks we're terrorists, jeez. (Did I mention that the Avengers think that our slogan should be "We're Not Terrorists!"?)

That leads me to my awesome idea which is to bring this philosophy to light in a time where it's really needed! Sometimes, it's hard to look past our own issues and see what's going on outside the walls of our mansion, but things are really heating up out there. The town of Stamford got blown up because a bunch of superheroes were being careless, and the public is out for reform and control. Granted, this is how they've felt with mutants this whole time, but now their expanding their minds a little bit! In the wrong direction, but... Yeah! If there's one guy with the resources and brains to turn this whole thing one way or the other, it's Tony Stark. So, being proactive and bold, I held out the olive branch of mutant peace and decided that some collaboration was in order!

Tony and I talked a long time, and we found that our goals aren't all too dissimilar! That, and we're both really smart, so it's cool to find someone else that understands computers like you do! He agreed to hire me on as a personal assistant (which is so cool!) and together we're creating a non-profit organization to saddle onto the Superhuman Registration Act in order to make the things that suck about it suck a little less and support heroes through the transition. Our plans in the future are to eventually use this as a base-ground for helping mutants reintegrate into society, but for now, these are still pretty good goals!

Oh, and I might be running a school to help young super-humans in the very near future. Talk about pressure! What do you think sounds better? Professor Kitty, or Professor Pryde? I mean, the second one has the whole alliteration factor, but the first is casual, and I can totally see a little chibbi cat dressed in a graduate cap, glasses, and one of those pointing sticks that they used to use!

Piotr is going to draw me that one of these days, right after the awkwardness goes away.

So, let's talk about the Superhuman Registration Act for a minute. (Believe me, I can talk about this thing for ages. Tony and I created a series of instructional videos for beings from different planets, realities, and such, to get them acquainted with the law in ways they would understand, and I got to play narrator.) Basically, super-humans have to be trained and registered with the government, which is okay? They do get paid, and benefits, and I think that's awesome. The really bad thing is that all the mutants are automatically registered, which is something we've been fighting against for years. Now, any bigot senator can get our names and go harass our families! Whatever. All heroes are also supposed to help in times of emergency, but I guess they'd want to do that anyway, right? It's a real mixed bag, and there are parts of it I can get all excited about, then other parts make me want to pout and program for hours on end.

Maria Hill is a jerk!

Just wanted to get that out of the way. It's an inside joke around the mansion, you know. Speaking of her, the first thing she wanted us to do is convince all of these vigilantes and heroes that we duped into arriving at a warehouse to register. I'm not really an Avenger, or an agent of SHIELD, so sometimes I feel kind of awkward around everyone else, but Tony always makes me feel better. Well, when he's not stressed, and he's stressed a lot. Needless to say, we managed to get that off without a hitch, and even got started advertising the law assistance aspect of our organization with these neat little cards Tony invented. (I had to narrate for those too...)

This next part really tears me up, but I have to write about it, because it's really important. We got a communication that said the Xavier Mansion was having a riot, and that the Sentinels were freaking out and being a little over-zealous. My first instinct upon arrival was to make sure the kids were alright! Phasing them out of harm's way was, admittedly, not the best thing to do, but it was a tense moment! Everyone else went after the Sentinels, but they should have mixed their focus!

Because we were so sloppy, disorganized, and against such high-tech opposition, twelve kids died. Twelve of my classmates, students, whatever! Hell, I'm a consular at the Institute when I'm not working on a PhD or hanging around with Tony. I knew a lot of them, even knew some very personal stuff, and now... Now they're gone. Deleted from existence, just like that. I can't... I can't even begin to say how deeply this grieves me, especially since I could have done more to prevent it!

Scott asked me to speak at the funeral, but I couldn't. He knew I couldn't. Scott sucks. It's all Emma's fault that Scott sucks, 'cause she sucks, and she transmits all her suck into him with her mind powers or something. Shit... There I go making jokes again, to cover up how much this hurts. That's what I do, you know. I stay witty, and quippy, especially when I've got something under the surface that just stings so deeply. I can't look vulnerable in front of all these Avengers. Especially not now. We have to be strong.

This... This is why I'm starting to really believe in this project Tony and I are coming up with. See, maybe if we were trained together as a unit, briefed about the situation, and tackled this efficiently while working together, maybe those twelve guys wouldn't have died. Maybe Little Boy Blue would have finally realized that yes, girls love the color blue. Maybe Channel Surfer would finally get to test out the video game I was programming for him in my spare time where his power was the controller, since he was so frustrated with having to change the channel back to the Xbox every time he gamed. That's a lot of maybe's, but I believe in every one of them. For the future.

Something else happened that night. Spider-Man almost killed someone. It was an accident, sure, but Maria (Who is still a jerk!) presented him with an ultimatum. He could either submit to the SHIELD tribunal, who would tear him apart, or go for a public trial, which would have his real named revealed! We were all there for him, that night before he had Tony set up one of the biggest press conferences ever assembled. I even told him about my crush, but you already know all about that. Should have known he was married...   

Anyway, General Lazer (the moron who decided that we should be cooped up at the X Mansion) showed up at the press conference where Spider-Man revealed to everyone that he was the devilishly handsome Peter Parker. He bombarded the poor guy with questions about the accident, but Tony was right there to defend him, not to mention a little crowd support from yours truly. Then, well, Deadpool showed up and drove Lazer nuts, so it was a mixed bag.

To be honest, I'm... Not really sure where things are going. Wonder-Man has decided to advocate our cause, and with his help and the turn-over of Lazer, maybe Tony and I can move our ideas for mutant integration up sooner than we anticipated. This registration act could be the gateway for a whole new world where mutants are seen as super-heroes instead of genetic aberrations with their own agendas in mind. However it goes, I'm going to be there at the forefront, because I still believe in Xavier's dream.

Gotta go! Just looked at the time, and I need to squeeze some lab time in before the sun comes up. Working on a few new stuff in Tony's labs, should be pretty cool!

Love always,


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